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Faysal‘s attachment and unity with the water accompanied him over the years. A problem no longer seems as big in
the water as it does on land. An oppressive emotion no longer seems too heavy. Overwhelming thoughts dissolve.
In 2020, despite disapproval, he decides to train to become a lifeguard. When Faysal was five years old, he had polio
and is subsequently experiencing some physical limitations that remain with him to this day. For Faysal, swimming
is his life. „I have such great friendship with the water“.




Amélie Vogel, Janina Bitsch
Amélie is studying
design in the com-
partements film,
typography and
object design at TH
Nuremberg. She is
working as a free-
lance graphic desig-
ner and editor and is
part of the OHMRen-
tal Team of Fakultät
Design. Janina is a design
student at the TH
Nürnberg. Besides
studying film and
animation, she is
also taking typogra-
phy and CGO. She
works in the tech-
nical rental depart-
ment of the faculty.


Production Country: Germany
Shooting Country: Germany
Language: German
Production date: 2023
Run time: 00:04:32
Music Original: Yes
Cast: Faysal Bayragdar
Staff: Amélie Vogel - director, edit
Janina Bitsch - director, edit
Emil Hofmann - producer, edit
Tom Nikesch - DoP
Nele Nentwig - AC
Pascal Oswald - Sound Engineer
Jan Oldach - Sound Design
Screening Format: 4:3


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